1961 Renault Jolly 4CV


1961 Renault Jolly Beach car one of just 50 or so believed built and one of only 12 or so alleged left in existence . This original and un re stored 1961 Renault Jolly was purchased by my close friend some time in the late 1960’s and stored until recently. This is a 17000 documented unrestored original car exactly as it was when my friend purchased it from a museum around “1969”. Everything including the wicker seats is original. The paint is the same paint with no re sprays or touch ups since my friend purchased it. I recently replaced the tires, fuel tank (with a like new used one) and serviced the hydraulics and brakes . Also a new 6 volt battery and re-cored the radiator. All the lights, horn, gages and turn signals work and the can be driven as is. I am not an expert on these cars but feel free to call me and ask any questions you may have. Ian 954 998 6227 or cell 773 551 5075.

Price: $89,500

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